I began creating silhouettes out of a desire to have them for each of my two sons. I admired a silhouette of a girl, but was unable to find the artist. I began to doodle, and soon had made one for each of my boys. Neighbors, relatives, friends (and even friends of friends!) saw my silhouettes and asked me to make some for them. Before long my creations were in such demand that I was working on silhouettes whenever I had a few spare minutes.

lucygroupshotOne day, waiting for an appointment with the pediatrician, I was working on drawings. The doctor commented on how good they were and asked what I charged. "Charge?" I asked, "You mean you would pay for them?" He said, "Yes," offering me $5.00 for one. At that moment the nurse walked into the room, fell in love with the silhouettes and, after hearing the price, said, "That's a bargain. Can I get two?" Lots of paper and ink have gone through my fingers in the twentyfive years since that scenario. My creations are always in demand; I love what I do, and I've never even had an art lesson! That's when I created Lucy's Treasures.

Another big part of my life is children. I have been providing day care for children for well over 40 years. It's a natural for me, as children and animals seem to gravitate towards me. I have a love of both and they seem to know it. One day, I was at the park with my two sons and half the neighbor's children. Shortly after I arrived, a mom approached me; she had been watching me there for several days saying she noticed how the children seemed to love being with me. After we talked for a while, she asked if I would take care of her children while she was at work.

One thing lead to another, and I have had close to two hundred children come through my home. To my delight, many of these "kids" (some are now in their 30's) still drop in for a visit and keep in contact through email. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I am grateful that I was able to give my time to thoes children and truly feel blessed that I have been able to touch so many lives. I also have five grandchildren that keep me on my toes, so whether it's "Grandma Lucy" or "Aunt Lucy", there is always something happening in my home.

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