100% Hand-made original treasures.

"The most unique and personal gift you can give!"

boy horsefishermanWhat started out as a desire to create something unique for her children has blossomed into a craft that blends the antique style of yester-year with today's modern lifestyles. Lucy Czarnecki has now been creating these one-of-a-kind illustrations for over 30 years for people all across the country. Her art has been involved in many weddings, countless birthdays, numerous anniversaries, and commemorated so many of life's events. Lucy's silhouettes have been used as wedding invitations, printed on party napkins, used as logos for business cards, and been given as gifts to members of various clubs.

Each silhouette is created from scratch using the highest quality paper and India ink. Each silhouette is personalized with a person's name using the timeless art of silhouetting, making them a very personal and thoughtful gift.

They truly are a keepsake treasure.

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